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Why choose CircleHD?

We care for your security and privacy.

Videos is a powerful communication tool. Sharing on Vimeo or Facebook is quick and easy once you know how. Unfortunately, these public sites don’t give you the power to choose who can or can’t access your content. This leaves your business open and vulnerable. Content in the corporate world often contains valuable and sensitive information that needs to stay within a select group. Business technology should never allow room for leaks. That is where CircleHD comes in. CircleHD allows content managers and owners to send videos safely and with complete control over who can watch them. This is done through Digital Rights Management, encryption, and various login security measures.

Whether you want to train new employees using a familiar medium or spread the latest message from your CEO, CircleHD can help you enrich your internal goals and enhance your bottom line.

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Want to approve a video after it has been uploaded? CircleHD lets you do this, too. When you put together a channel and allow others to upload videos, the administrator has the final say about what shows up. You won’t have to worry about inappropriate content that doesn’t fit your brand.

Content Management

CircleHD lets you stay on top of your enterprise content by allowing you to have control over The creation, location and deletion of channels, The upload, approval, tagging, viewing, deleting of content, The indexing and searching of content., Role based access of channels and content.

Best in class Control

Your videos speaks who you are so branding your site matters.

Video quality says a lot when it comes to business technology. Control the size, bitrate, and length to get the most out of your content and maintain a certain level of quality when you send videos.

External Sharing

Have training material that you want to share with new employees? CircleHD allows you to share links after you upload videos.

Choose videos that you want to show up on the homepage on your channel. Embed and spotlight a meeting video that team members can review at a later time. Make staying on the same page simple and painless with just a few clicks.

Viewer analytics and reporting

Who consumed your content and when? How much did they watch? Did somebody skip ahead or stop watching halfway through? CircleHD lets you track this important information so you can improve and make adjustments. You won’t be left standing in the dark. Keep your business ahead of the competition with CircleHD at your side and see where the future leads.

Feedback is crucial to success. Viewers can leave comments when you send videos and offer valuable advice that you can implement at your own pace. Their ability to like or dislike a video will give you a window into the preferences of your demographics.

Custom metadata fields

Metadata isn’t just a term – it’s a tool you can harness. Optimize your videos to ensure high rankings in searches.

Organize your video collections using sub-channels. Keep certain subjects separate to avoid confusion and increase efficiency. Assign videos to special groups and create sub-channels specifically for certain projects. You won’t need to deal with mixups that eat away precious time, leaving you free to focus on other things.

Learning Management System Integration

CircleHD isn’t just about individuals in businesses. Learning institutions can also benefit from this service. Apply security measures that are in line with institutional policies. Protect student privacy, course licensing, and general copyright concerns. Keep information where it belongs. Education has a future with CircleHD. What will you accomplish?

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